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Here, Sara’s portfolio is presented by subject. Sara’s work is dominated by her technical abilities and love of setting. She uses borders to set an ordinary subject apart from its regular surroundings and creates an elegant portrait that invites the viewer to slow down and look at inconsequential things that often get overlooked. 



Portrait Sketches

This category actually covers two traditional areas of the art world. Sara considers still lives a kind of small scale landscape and her goal is the same in each. She wants to capture a portrait of a moment and have the viewer stop and appreciate it in a new way by looking at the details that make that moment different from all others.

Sara loves the garden. Plants and flowers have delicate forms, amazing patterns and graceful gestures that call to Sara’s creative centers and inspire her to make portraits of the garden.

Birds, Insects and other creatures also call Sara to depict them. Small, overlooked and too often considered creepy, they are underrated yet beautiful and worthy of celebration.

Symbolic Works
Here, Sara’s creativity and love for borders takes on new and powerful meanings. For her, knot work interconnects with itself and symbolizes how all things are interconnected through God. Thus, they become the perfect expression of her Faith intertwined with her Art.

These are small sketch like images that Sara makes and frames for the sheer delight of creation. They are all fun, affordable and beautiful.